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   Dear Parents,

    Please read the PARENT GUIDE below informing you of our opening arrangements from Thursday 3rd September 2020. Please read it carefully.  It  details our staggered start and finish times and outlines the risk assessment measures we have put in place in order to keep the children as safe as possible whilst at school. There is further information regarding uniforms, lunch arrangements and what your child will need to bring to school. Please also discuss the behaviour safety rules with your child. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you!

Parent Information Guide St Stephen's CE RSA Academy September 2020

Parent and Carer Face Mask Guidance

Staff Face Mask Guidance

Households with possible Covid-19 Infection

     Please look at our Home Learning Tab. In there is useful information for 'Parents dealing with school closures.' There is a wealth of information including the RSA's Educational Continuity Statement, including tips and resources for well-being and support at this difficult time. Follow links to your child's home learning sections for academic support. 

        Your child’s class teacher will be checking in to make sure your children know we are still here for them. You can contact your teachers too using the following emails. For children in the early years go to:, for Year 1 and 2 children use: and for pupils in Year 3 and year 4 contact: These emails should be used for queries regarding educational advice only. Other matters should be addressed to the office: or by contacting us via telephone: 01527 63911.

    If you are having difficulty accessing computer hardware for your child to complete their work, please contact the office on the above email. 

    We want to support our community in any way we can so please do get in touch on the email addresses above. 

 Kind regards and stay safe,

Mrs Sarah Callanan

 As a school within the Central RSA Academies Trust we completed a comprehensive risk assessment before opening to wider numbers of pupils in June 2020. The results across the Trust from 1st June 2020 to the of end of summer term 2020 (20th July) are that there have been no reported positive cases amongst pupils or staff attending schools in our Trust. In this time period 7 potential cases were reported, all pupils and staff in those “bubbles” were sent home as a precaution and pupils’ parents or carers informed. All suspected cases proved to be negative and all pupils and staff in those bubbles were able to return to their respective schools. The risk assessment covered the following areas; 

  1. Awareness of procedures and policies
  2. Hygiene practices in classrooms and public areas
  3. Administering first aid to those presenting symptoms of COVID-19
  4. Managing suspected cases of COVID-19
  5. Spread of infection
  6. Clinically vulnerable staff
  7. Mental health concerns – staff
  8. Management of infectious diseases
  9. Governance and policy
  10. Vacant premises/re-opening of premises
  11. Emergency/fire evacuation
  12. Available capacity reduced by social distancing
  13. Organising small class groups
  14. Classroom based arrangements/class sizes
  15. Continued prioritisation of vulnerable pupils
  16. Pupils falling behind in learning
  17. Pupils eligible for free school meals
  18. Plans if staff numbers lower than required to teach classes
  19. Staff training
  20. Social distancing arrangements
  1. Pupil behaviour
  2. Transition planning
  3. Communication of Academy plans
  4. Academy building arrangements
  5. Contractors on site
  6. Costs of additional measures due to COVID-19
  7. Mental health concerns – pupils
  8. Transport arrangements
  9. Updates

  The risk assessment was regularly updated as required with new information and legislation for example the change in RIDDOR reporting requirements.



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St Stephen's CE RSA Academy

 Phonics Meeting for Parents

 Dear Parents,

      Please find our newly uploaded Parent's Phonics meeting September 2020 for all Year 1 parents to view. Please go to the Learning tab, Unicorn Class, scroll to phonics section and click on PowerPoint labelled Parent's Phonic Meeting September 2020. Remember to open in slide show to hear the recorded meeting. 

For the attention of all Year 2 parents -There is a SATs - guidance for Parents presentation on Dragon Class page which we would be grateful if you could read and listen to.   Ensure you open it in slideshow to hear the narration.   You will also find the Phonics Meeting Presentation which would be equally beneficial as children in year 2 will have to take the phonics screening test at the end of the Autumn term.  Many thanks.

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