Covid-19 Information


Dear Parents,

    Please read the PARENT GUIDE below informing you of our procedures for returning to school. 

Parent Information Guide St Stephen's CE RSA Academy September 2020

Parent Information Guide St Stephen's CE RSA Academy September 2021

Parent and Carer Face Mask Guidance

Staff Face Mask Guidance

Households with possible Covid-19 Infection

     Please look at your child's class page in the event of a bubble closure or if your child is self isolating. Teachers will be posting planning and work for your child to complete at home. If we have to send a child home to self isolate, we will provide school work for your child to take home with them. 

     In the event of a bubble closure or school lockdown the school has organised a resource pack for your child to take home. The resources comprise of practical items such as pencils, paper, scissors, rulers, paints, card and maths resources such as number lines. This is to enable your child's education to continue for all subjects but also make sure some of your child's home education is not computer based. Many of the activities set by staff for a variety of subjects will be practical, and this is the reason we have provided practical resource packs should you not have these items readily available at home. We do not want young children spending hours on end sat behind computers. We shall also make sure you do not need to rely on printers and ink for home learning.

    We will send home reading books too. Reading resources will also be available virtually, should you wish to access further reading matter. 

        Your child’s class teacher will be checking in to make sure your children know we are still here for them. You can contact your teachers too using the following emails. For children in the early years go to:, for Year 1 and 2 children use: and for pupils in Year 3 and year 4 contact: These emails should be used for queries regarding educational advice only. Other matters should be addressed to the office: or by contacting us via telephone: 01527 63911.

    If you are having difficulty accessing computer hardware for your child to complete their work, please contact the office on the above email. We have laptops available to loan. 

    We want to support our community in any way we can so please do get in touch on the email addresses above. 

 Kind regards and stay safe,

Mrs Sarah Callanan