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Welcome to year 3

Welcome to Year 3. There are 28 of us in the class. Our teacher is Mr Wake, and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Mirza. In year 3 we are dedicated to supporting your child socially, emotionally and academically. We have a number of exciting topics in year 3 that encourage children to be independent thinkers and inspired learners. 

Year 3 has a text rich curriculum and often uses creative drama techniques to hook the children into learning. The children’s learning is based around a mix of themes enabling all the subjects to have a focus throughout the year. For instance, in Year 3 children are steeped in the topic Use the Force and What makes the Earth angry? to name but a few. These overarching topics enable the pupils to use their skills across a range of subjects.

Teaching also focuses on ensuring the children have good comprehension skills and mathematical knowledge and language. KS2 continue to use the Singapore Maths approach to learning using workbooks and they have opportunities to refine their explanations, justify methods and solve a range of problems using their journals. There is a focus on fluency in maths and children are expected to know all their times tables by the end of Year 4.

In Year 3 we have high expectations for handwriting and use the KINETIC scheme to teach this systematically enabling the children to produce work with a high standard of presentation.

On this page you will be able to find useful information such as: timetables, newsletters and overviews of the topics we cover in year 3.


Good News: Now you can share all that wonderful work you're doing at home with me. Using the email address below, you can now send me a message, any completed work and photographs of what you have been up to. I cant wait to see them!

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Useful Websites Check this link out for Online video lessons with activity sheets for the children to access.

Key instant recall facts - children must know these

Time table rock stars login help

Times tables practice rap - fun for all 

Online interactive classroom  - This site has interactive lessons taught by teachers across the country that cover writing, reading, maths and foundation areas.

ks2 bitesize - lots of information for children on here with daily lessons provided.

Hit the Button online maths game

Spelling Shed

Times Table Rock Stars

Go Noodle - A fun health and wellbeing site that is interactive for children.

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