Maths No Problem

Whole School Maths Overview 

We follow the Maths No Problem scheme of work from Year 1 to Year 4 which is based on the Singapore method of teaching and learning – learning concepts through concrete apparatus, pictorial images and finally abstract representations (numbers and symbols). This is called the CPA approach. Each teacher will respond to the needs of their own class so some topics may be taught slightly earlier or later. We assess your child before and after each chapter of learning to make sure that your child has mastered the concept before we move on. We carry out two key assessments – one in the Spring term and one in the Summer term – and these help us to assess whether your child has reached the standards expected for their year group.

You can watch videos explaining some of the important aspects of Maths No Problem by clicking the link below.

Year 1 scheme of work

Year 1 Maths No Problem Parent Guide

Year 2 scheme of work

Year 2 Maths No Problem Parents Guide

Year 3 scheme of work

Year 3 Maths No Problem Parent Guide

Year 4 scheme of work

Year 4 Maths No Problem Parent Guide

Whole School Overview

Maths Calculation Policy

Key Instant Recall Facts Overview

Progression in Maths vocabulary