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 Welcome to the Foundation Stage page.   

You can find lots of information about what we are learning in both Nursery and Reception; information about our topics, upcoming events and ideas for you to support your children at home.

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Our Nursery Class are taught by Mrs Cullen and Mrs Nawaz

  In Nursery, teachers should promote and build on the Prime areas of learning - Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development as these are the foundations for all future learning. Teachers seek to develop the Characteristics of Effective Learning, especially curiosity, confidence, perseverance, creating and completing their own challenges, and thinking critically.

 Phonics is taught daily and teachers expect children to recognise rhyme and alliteration and to orally blend and segment simple words by the end of their nursery year. Children are expected to share a story every day, and have choices of quality texts. Children are taught how to develop their motor skills and have daily access to the kinetic letters scheme. Children should have opportunities to practice and consolidate these skills through continuous provision.

In Maths children should be given opportunities to practice number and counting on a daily basis. Children should be able to recite numbers to 10, be able to count accurately and recognise numerals to 5.

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 Our Reception Class are taught by Miss Basche,  Mrs Carter, Mrs Newman, Mrs Whitman, Mrs Riaz and Mrs Nawaz.


 The curriculum is creatively planned using the EYFS curriculum. Exciting topics hook the children into their learning, and they are happy, independent and make good progress. The children’s gaps in learning are carefully tracked and individual children's needs are identified to ensure provision is meeting the gaps in their learning. There is still a firm focus on language into reading, writing and mathematics. We also place a high value on the ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning: independence, perseverance, motivation and critical thinking.’

   The children’s receptive language is assessed using Language Link’. Where gaps are found, intervention meets their needs. Early writing skills are fostered using the whole school approach to handwriting KINETIC Letters. KINETIC letters is an innovative approach that progressively refines handwriting by building strength and stamina, beginning with gross motor skills, building core strength and the correct pencil hold.

In phonics, EYFS use ‘Letters and Sounds’ and teach phase 2 and 3. Reading is a strong focus concentrating on decoding, learning sight recognition, tricky words and comprehension.

 In mathematics, the EYFS use the similar methods as the rest of the school, strategies using ‘Singapore Maths’ methods enable the children to grasp early number skills and mathematical language. Reading, Writing and Arithmetic are offered daily via focussed activities when children are given the opportunity to practise their skills and move their learning forward. Continuous provision ensures all the pupils are having opportunities to learn throughout all areas of the curriculum.  This provision again, enables pupils to access a range of language suitable across a range of subjects. All Reception children have the opportunity to access Forest School. The school is proud of its wonderful outside environment to encourage learning outdoors. Children are encouraged to speak in full sentences using an increasingly precise vocabulary and tense. Positive learning behaviours and social skills are taught to enable pupils to enjoy their learning, together.

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