Trolls Class - Nursery


Hi everyone, we hope you’re having lots of fun playing at home. Mrs Cullen, Mrs Nawaz and Roxy Foxy are missing you all lots, but it’s very important that you are all keeping safe at home to make sure the virus doesn’t spread too much. We would love to see what you’re doing, so if you do something amazing get your Mummy or Daddy to take a photo on their phone and send it to us at


Here are our home learning letters, with some things that Roxy Foxy has been up to (and you might like to as well), as well as some little challenges to do each week! 


Roxy Foxy Letter Number 13


If you have been missing Nursery, or you are starting soon, you might want to have a look at this video of our classroom before September. 



You could watch some amazing authors read their stories:
  • A NEW story called 'While We Can't Hug'. You can buy it as an e-book now, pre-order it for August, or watch it and read along. It's very beautiful and made Mrs Cullen cry! 

  • Mrs Cullen and Roxy Foxy have story all about starting school. Some of you will be starting Reception soon. Have a look at the story with your Mummies and Daddies, and if you have any questions, or if you want to say hello, send us a video email, or a written email, or phone us at school! 


  • Mrs Cullen and Roxy Foxy have another story all about saying goodbye. We hope you like it. Have a lovely summer everyone, and stay safe! 

  • The book trust have lots of books and nursery rhymes online for you to read and sing too. 
  • Worcestershire Libraries have a special new youtube channel, with lots of different stories for you to watch and listen to. 
  • Don't forget to read books that you have at home! We have a Foundation Stage book box in the foyer at school. Please come and swap your books so you have something new to read. We also have some writing books and pencils, if you need some more at home. 


  • There are some counting activities and songs on Education City. Have a look in your home learning booklet for you log in details. 
  • BBC Bitesize has a great maths game called 'Bud's Number Garden'. It helps your child count accurately and recognise numbers. 
  • If you can get your hands on a box of 10 eggs you can use the box as a ’10 frame’ collecting box. Can you put 3 things in, or 8 things? How many spaces do you have left? 
  • Roxy Foxy and me have been counting and using a part-whole model. We filmed it so you could see us! Have a go and see if you can do one too! 

  • Make some rock painted ladybirds. Acrylic paints work the best. Add some spots (and some googly eyes if you have some)! When they're dry varnish them (with an outdoor varnish or PVA glue). How many spots are there? How many spots on 2 ladybirds? 

  • Have a go at this minibeast i-spy. You have to see if you can find them all! Good luck! 

 Feeling Jiggly? 


  • We love listening to tumble tots songs, which are very silly, and very active – try ‘Shake your sillies out’, ‘Elephants have wrinkles’, ‘Wiggly Woo’, ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’. You should also try ‘Stand up, Sit Down’, ‘Mexican Bean Bag’, and ‘Bean Bag Song’… you’ll be singing them for days!
  • Can you make an obstacle course in the garden or the house? Can you find something to climb on, and something to crawl under? 
  • Andy on Cbeebies is doing 'Wild Workouts' there are 10 different episodes available. 

 Something (a bit) messy

  • Painting with water. You can use BIG brushes and rollers on the walls and the patio, or small brushes or cotton buds on stones and shells. 
  • Drawing with chalk. You can chalk outside on the patio or you can chalk inside on paper. 
  • You could even make some flapjacks - this recipe is so easy, even Mrs Cullen can make them... 

 Calming down

Lots of children might be feeling anxious. They might be worried about coronavirus, or they might just be missing their usual routine, and their friends and families. They might seem angry, or very teary. Every child is different, and you know your child the best. There are a few things here that might help...

  • BBC Bitesize have some simple videos about feelings and keeping ourselves safe and healthy. 
  • BBC have also made a well-being game, part of the go explore app. It aims to help children calm down, and is narrated by Stephen Fry. The other cbeebies apps are also excellent! 
  • Cbeebies Daydreams is an hour long video with soothing music and calming video help your child feel calm
  • Mindful Monsters is a well-being program made by the mental health charity Scope. There are some free activities that you can do at home, and some more activity cards that you can buy and are sent to you. 

Setting a simple routine for the day will help. Make it a little flexible, and something that works for you, with lots of chances for pausing and cuddles if they need it. 

For Mums and Dads

Here are just a few websites with some information about learning in the early years. Remember that playing is how children learn, and that little and often works best!

  • Worcestershire Speech and Language have a brilliant facebook page and webpage, with loads of hints and tips on what your child should be able to do, and how you can help to develop their language. They have some videos of simple language games you can play at home. 
  • Hungry Little Minds is a government program to help parents with their child's development from birth to 5. It's split up into age groups and has ideas and suggestions for each area. There is also a BBC program that works alongside it called Tiny Happy People, which is also well worth a look! It has loads of simple games to do, and lots of scientific information about how children learn. 
  • Great Ormond Street have produced a 'hub' called the power of play. It has loads of games that children can play at home, as well as lots of information about coronavirus, and how you can talk to your own children about it, especially if they are feeling anxious. 
  • BBC have a webpage about supporting your child's mental health and well-being whilst school closures are in place. It has videos and hints and tips as well as links to other websites that offer help too.