Ethos - Vision, Mission and Aims

 Christian Values

We aim :

That all our pupils use our 5 Christian values, Love, Peace, Hope, Compassion and Forgiveness to  show love, care and respect for one another and our planet.

Community Engagement

We aim:

To include and value everyone in our school and wider community and to empower parents as equal partners with our school in their child’s learning and development.

To foster open positive relationships based on mutual communication, trust, respect and honesty.

For every child, parent and carer to understand and value the importance of good attendance and punctuality for their child’s learning and development.

Academic Aims

We aim:

To provide an engaging, creative curriculum of the highest standard that fosters a love of life long learning.

For every child to achieve their best through a highly personalised curriculum designed to meet their needs.

To create resilient learners who work both co-operatively and show independence.

To embrace new technologies  and to develop  pupils’ research skills.

To develop pupils’ social, spiritual, moral and cultural awareness.

To encourage our pupils to be responsible citizens who know how to care for our planet.


We aim:

To provide a welcoming, safe, healthy, stimulating and nurturing environment where every child can achieve their full potential.