Dear Parents,

We are a Church of England school, with a strong and distinctive Christian ethos, serving a culturally diverse community. We believe that we are all enriched as a result of experiencing these different cultures on a daily basis and that this is of significant benefit to our pupils.

“Stakeholders have absolute faith in the vision and demonstrate a steely determination to live it out daily. Staff work hard to ensure the children’s needs are met in a nurturing environment. Leaders are tenacious in their efforts to secure the best outcomes for all pupils, particularly those who are disadvantaged or vulnerable. Leaders ‘hold the children’ when making any decision to ensure they remain central. As a result, most pupils achieve well.”

SIAMs December 2019. 

In October 2019 St Stephen’s joined the Central RSA Academies Trust.  Becoming part of the RSA Academies Trust is an exciting prospect and our children, staff and community will benefit from being part of something special. 


The responsibilities of a school governing body can be summarised as: setting the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school; holding the Principal to account for the school’s performance and performance management of staff; overseeing financial performance and ensuring that it achieves value for money. The governing body of St Stephen’s aims to carry out these responsibilities in a supportive and constructive way and we have excellent relationships with the Principal and teaching staff/Senior Leadership Team.

 Please click on the Governor Information link here to view further information regarding our Governors: Governor InformationFull Governor Meeting dates 20-21Governor Attendance 2019-2020 and CRSAAT Scheme of Delegation link.

If you are reading this ahead of choosing a school for your child I hope you find the remainder of the website interesting and informative and we welcome further enquiries. If your child is already a pupil I hope we are meeting or exceeding your expectations and that your child is happy and making good progress.

To everyone, welcome to our website.

Vicky Jackman & the Governors

Chair of Governors

Mrs Sarah Callanan


Mrs Sarah Barrett

Staff Governor

Mrs Vicky Jackman

Chair of Governors 

Rev Paul Lawlor

Vice Chair of Governors

Mr Amit Pujari


Mrs Gail Stone

Foundation Governor

Mrs Zoe Newman



Governor vacancy




Parent Governor

 Mrs Kate Figgit


Further Information about our Governors.

Our Governors are all volunteers and help to lead the school. Their role is one of strategic leadership, leaving the day to day management of the school to the Principal, Mrs Callanan. Declarations of pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests are a standing item on Full Governing Body meeting agendas.

There are five categories of Governors, all of whom are appointed for four year terms: 

  1. Parent Governors - we have 1 of these, appointed by the governing body
  2. Foundation Governors - we have 2 of these who are appointed by the Parish and the Diocese.  The Vicar of St Stephen’s, Revd Paul Lawlor, is an ex-officio officer.
  3. Chair Governor - we have 1 of these who is appointed by the Local Authority.
  4. Staff Governor - there is 1 of these, representing the teachers and non-teaching staff.  They are elected by the staff;
  5. Governors – up to four governors may be appointed by the governing body to bring specific skills and experience to the governing body. We currently have three of these.

Governors may be reappointed at the end of their term and have voting rights on their committees.

The Principal is also a Governor.

Should you wish to contact the Chair of Governors, Mrs Vicky Jackman, please write to:

Mrs Vicky Jackman, St Stephen's CE RSA Academy, Redditch, B98 8HW